Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just winter thoughts

Has it been that long since I last posted? Really?

I guess it has.


Winter has been hard. Its bitter cold. Miserable. Can I say, no outdoor sports aloud. Not even skating...not even sledding.

Plenty of time for studying, know, that kind of thing.

Of course, I've had a bad cold. So has Jay. Mom, too Wren is the only one I know..who is not sick. I dunno how he does it. I mean, I cough on him all the time. You'd think he'd be sick by now.

Anyway, nothing to report about. You know, I wasn't in that play with the ex. I'm behaving myself.

My cousin is going overseas. He's got his kindle all ready. Yeah, he bought himself one for Christmas. Sometimes, I just want to stay mad at him because...he's so selfish. The girlfriend went back to Florida.

Maybe, its..just I want to know too much. About him. I mean, he puts me under the microscope all the time. Always the third degree about Wren. Its just not fair.

I know, sometimes, its just not good to know the dark side of a person, I guess. I suppose thats what you'd call it. I just try to think happy, you know. HAPPY. Its so hard to be, sometimes. I mean, I love being with Wren. Doing things with Wren. Even if I know, something..sometimes..bothers him. But I'm not sure what. And he's not gonna talk about it.

I dunno. Winter break is coming up. And..well..I'll have a real Valentines day this year. I hope.

I wish I could give Wren a list, but even if I did..I dunno if he'd look at it. Anyway, I want to be surprised.


ellie said...

Family can take the best of you...sometimes.

meg said...

Winter can make things miserable.

Cait said...

Yes, sometimes, they do need lists for Valentines day.

Emilia said...

i completely agree with you about winter...

Through My Eyes said...

I guess this has basically summed up all the months from December to February, winter sucks. I hate the feeling of being sick, but at least a person feels so much better afterwards.