Monday, February 14, 2011

just one of those nights

Mom is being her stubborn self. And Jay won't stand up to her. If she told him to jump out of our building. He'd do it.

He went all out for Valentines day for her. He made her dinner because it was too cold to go out. The snow is melting..but whatever. Its getting windy. A big north wind. So yeah, I had to leave them alone.

Thank God, for Wren. He took me to a movie. Actually two. Because...well...

We kind of got in a fuss. Both movies were OK for me to go too. One was a kids movie. The other ..a real guy movie. So we went to my movie first. Everyone and their mother was at that one. We went to the last matinee. Then when we got out, it was still early, so I begged him that we should go to the movie he so wanted to see.

So, I guess we made each other happy in the end. We watched Gnomes and then Centurions. See, you can have a Happy Valentines day even if it were a rather long night. I'm sure Mom was happy about that. Even if she won't admit it.

Wren and I didn't exactly argue about the movies. It was more of a discussion. And I ate way too much popcorn and pop. Ugh, I think we're both miserable about that. No, no make out sessions during the film. As Wren said, we paid good money to see that film.

Finally, we got some time in, in the car. Even so, he was scared some policeman might find us. He's so silly.

But yeah, we enjoyed Valentines day with out any hearts. Just you know, a kissable time. Now my lips are all chapped. I need to find my Carmex.


ellie said...

Mom's are like that.

I hope you found the carmex.

Em [the writer] said...

So is part of the story now or real life? Haha, chapped lips are never fun!

Hey so I would be eternally grateful if you could vote for my friend The Gromble for the OC Music Awards. Voting ends today!!!

Thanks :)

Cait said...

I hope the week goes OK.

Through My Eyes said...

Chapped lips are horrible, chapped lips with a reason are magical (:

Bex said...

Oh, we must keep those lips..kissable.

Ioana-Carmen said...

love it darling! Wanna follow each others blog?:X