Saturday, January 1, 2011

so you know

We don't know anymore about Anya than I thought we would.

It doesn't help when you are with someone can I describe it. Like he's constipated with words. Something like that. Wren just isn't a talker.

See, we met Will and Anya at Burger King, of all places.

Today was just lazy. It felt like a Sunday for starters. We didn't have lunch til almost three. I slept really late. Wren even later because he was up playing video games. It was like that was what New Years Eve was suppose to be.

So I asked questions and before I know it..Anya is questioning Wren.

He might have lied about his age. It just slipped out. You know, "I'm just nineteen..."..more like going on twenty-one except he possibly has the brain of 14 year old. On occasion, like with those video games.

So then Anya and Will are whispering. Yeah, I think they get along great. That's all I had for Mom. Naturally, she wants to invite them out with her and Jay. I hope she finds something out before she drives me nuts, and Wren becomes a compulsive liar.


Yesha said...

Lol @ constipated with words. :))

Hmm. I find it complicated for now. Let's see what's gonna happen next. :D

ellie said...

Oh, Wren..that made me smile.

Em [the writer] said...

Constipated with words? Hah, that's funny and clever. I like the blunt truth about Wren, it feels so real.

meg said...

I love Wren. He's so interesting.

It's a Girl said...

If Wren is constipated let's hope that one day he lets his words out (: (I really loved that, because when I read that a friend popped right into my head) When Wren admitted his age that put things of to a sort of shaky position.

Winnie said...

Haha, Some people are like that I suppose but they express how they feel in other ways!