Thursday, December 30, 2010

It wouldn't be the holidays without more snow

The snow is coming. First ice, then sleet..finally snow. Or so they just said on the weather forecast.

And we had like 3 hours of sun shine today. I think it hit 60 and took a nose dive. By this late afternoon..22 as usual.


Wren took me to a movie. Yeah, we saw TRON. It was, you know, that classic universal story where boy finds his father and then they have maybe 20 minutes of real conversation..and then..well, he gets the girl in the end. Hope I didn't spoil it for you. Wren liked it better than me, but he's a guy. I dunno. Maybe I just don't play enough video games to get it. Possibly.

In other news, Will has met a girl from Florida. Yes, he brought her over for Christmas. We had to be hush hush about Angie. I'm not sure how Will met Anya, but they seem to be getting along perfectly. She'll be here for another week. Mom is pumping us to go out with them, but I dunno if I should but Wren through that. Maybe I should.

But we have to get through New Years. Yawn. I'll probably go to bed early, knowing me.


Yesha said...

Agree with the title. Wish I could experience snow soon. Lol.

Happy New Year. :)

Holly said...

Wishing you lots of snuggling time.

ellie said...

Stay warm! Happy New year!

Em [the writer] said...

I love your(her) take on Tron. I so agree and it did make me laugh!

Did I ever tell you how much I love the format of this story? I feel like it's like more personal because of it. Involving the reader and all.