Monday, September 13, 2010

who's life is it anyway

"Did you know he was going to be here?" I asked Sasha dully at lunch. We met up in the cafeteria just to look around at the wonderment  of it all. I yawned, big time.

"What's the matter, sleepyhead? Someone keeping you up late at night?" She ignored my Jess question as she stared at me trying to make out what fruit was exactly in my fruit salad.

"No." I winced. She didn't know Ren. In fact, maybe I didn't want her to know him. Next thing I know, I look up to see Jess squishing in next to Sasha. I don't say anything. What can I say? It is a free country.

I bite into a soggy taco instead. School lunches aren't great, but they could be worse.

Sasha said something to him. I didn't catch it. I didn't think he'd want me to listen, but she gave him this buddy buddy nudge. What is this? I winced, not wanting to watch but I do. Its just sickening. Has he made a move on her? Did she make a move on him? Its apparent something magical is happening here, and I'm not a part of it. Talk about wanting to barf on someone. But I'm hungry and I don't. I have to think of them as little kids. Stupid, even. Anything to get me through this moment of grief. But my throat is raw. I can't take it. I suck what's left of my chocolate shake and move on. Get out of this place before I heave into something pitiful. I chunk my lunch then. Except for the shake I need it for comfort. Finally, I reach the garden that I helped with last year. That's where I grab my phone and text Sasha.

wht abt wayn?

Duane. She texts back.

God, I'm even more pissed. She's with Jess right now. She claims she has to show him the ropes around here. He left his old school because we have a better drama department.

After learning this information I want to make a little vengeance dance. Really, I'm going to hate this year.


ellie said...

Sasha should take her side.

Sara Lynn said...

I feel bad for her, I hope Sasha wakes up, this could get bad.

E.L. said...

I dunno what Sasha is going to do. Friends are tricky.

ivyoaks said...

Looks like the worst day ever.

lucy and sarah said...

What a bad day of the beginning of school.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh dear, not off to a good start and would seem like a bad dream.

Happy Wednesday

Cafe Fashionista said...

I really hope Sasha doesn't abandon her right now. :/