Thursday, September 23, 2010

until that moment

OMG. Homecoming. Already.

"Well, you know, I can't go." Ren shrugged it off when I first mentioned it to him. Of course, I had Jess on my mind. He might take Sasha. He might have found the Queen Bee of drama to take. Ashley. Who I know will get the lead in the new fall production. Maybe that's already been settled. I am so out of the loop, lately.

I mean, if I were there, I know what I'd be doing. Head of props. Which means policing makeout sessions with Bobby Mac and who ever the lucky girl might be. (Well, I wouldn't exactly call it lucky, but whatever). Which leads to more questions. Am I just being selfish for not wanting to endure such an ordeal. Possibly, just like Homecoming.

"Why?" I think my Mom might have to sign something(about me going with an adult), but Ren could honestly do it.

"I dunno. Don't have a suit." He's just being Mr. Dreadful now. How come I didn't know he was like this for such an occasion?

"That only leaves Chip." He would do it. I think. I guess, but he might get the wrong idea. "I don't want him thinking I like him like that."

"I guess, I wouldn't want him thinking like that, either." Ren went to check on his brownies in the oven. We are in the hallway talking. OK, I smiled. I really did. Like I know something, I didn't know, before about Ren. Of course, I'm trying to act like I haven't a clue what this could mean.

"Should I try to find Chip a date?" I shrugged as he got out the brownies. They looked so gooey and awesome.

"Would he want you to?" Ren winced. "Maybe he found one of his own."

I'm a bit sad to think that Chip's actually waiting for me to ask him. Why is it one problem always leads to another problem? I mean, I am trying so hard not to think about my Mom and Jay having a baby. And I want Homecoming to be fun. Granted, they really never are. I never have figured out how to enjoy them for the joy of it.

You know, you wear high heels. You wear a dress you think you might fall out of. Then you win a dozen 2 liter sodas at the ring toss in hopes of winning the teddy bear, and there is no place to keep all the loot.

"This year you're wearing army boots and I'll pull a little red wagon around." Ren informed me. He pulled out some spoons from the kitchen drawer and handed me one. It was time to dig into the brownies and savor the chocolate.


ellie said...

I'm happy to hear Ren's going.

holly O said...

ummm..chocolate. He's sweet too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...he's a sweetheart. :)

molly said...

Well, I hope Chip will be OK.

simon and josh said...

He's so sweet.

She is Sara said...

Dude I totally want brownies now. :P

I hope they go, it sounds like fun!