Tuesday, September 21, 2010

we could still be friends.

"You stress way too much." Will decided we hadn't gone out for a while. He wanted to go bowling.

"Well, its kind of a big deal if Mom's pregnant." I can't get off the thought of having a baby brother or sister.

"Hey, at least its not you. And.." He paused. It was a very long pause. "And you don't even know for sure."

Right. I nod. Breath in. Breath out. He paid for our shoes then and next thing I know we are choosing balls.

"So hows this thing with Angie going?" I finally get a chance to ask. I'd rather be talking about her than finding a bowling ball. They are all so heavy. I feel so out of shape and useless. Why did I even come?

"Here, take the pink one." Will grinned then, handing me a ball I can actually lift.

"I dunno. I guess OK." He's either being a mystery or just a butthead about it Angie. I'm thinking butthead personally.

I start to think I'll have to ask Angie about this, but really should I? As it is, he says I stress too much. And I really don't want to stress out about Will and Angie. Whatever happens. Happens.


She is Sara said...

lol I do the same thinfg when I go bowling :P I hope her mom isn't pregnant!

lucy and sarah said...

Yeah, I barely get by on the bowling...but how nice. & we have to remember that part..whatever happens ..happens.

meg said...

Guys do say things like that, but I'm glad she's spending some time with her cousin.

holly O said...

Hopefully, she'll just let things play out.

he and him said...

I like how she think of him being a butthead.

ellie said...

Sometimes, it can get the best of you to wonder what's up with other 'relationships' when maybe you'll never know the truth. And should just stop wanting to know.

ivy said...

I don't think they'll ever see eye to eye on anything.