Wednesday, August 11, 2010

terribly happy

"Mom." I hope I didn't sound like I was in a well. "Its me."

"WHERE ARE YOU?" She was mad. Well, I should have expected it, but she was making me tense. At least I had on a T-shirt and underwear. Wet hair.

"I know, I forgot to tell you. Ren. Yeah, I'm with Ren. We kind of got lost." I smile hoping she could sense it. Evidently not.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" There she went again.

"OKLAHOMA." I wasn't exactly singing a musical when I said it.

"Oh." She was very quiet.

'Well, Ren has never been to Oklahoma." I looked at the ceiling as if maybe I should focus on something.

"And you have?" She was pissed. "Look, young lady."

"Its Ren, Mom." She knew him. "Gay Ren." She had nothing to worry about. Of course, I didn't know that a hundred percent or anything. But it was a safe word.

"Do you know how worried I am?" She asked.

"Well, you weren't last night!" I snapped.

"What?" She wondered what I was talking about.

"YOU! & JAY!" Now I had unleashed something inside. "You're with him right now, aren't you."

I heard her deep sigh.

"Look, you don't judge me and I won't judge you." Sounded fair to me.

"When are you coming home?" She finally asked as if we had come to a truce.

"Tomorrow. Night." It would be late because we had the amusement park to get too. "I need to be on the roller coaster with Ren." I didn't tell her he might be scared. It was just I needed this. I needed some fun.


molly said...

That must have been a very hard conversation.

meg said...

wonder what kind of trouble she's in???

Indie.Tea said...

LOL...what an interesting conversation. What a scary call to make too.

Nikolo Bulaun said...

haha ur conversations made me laugh :))


Mari said...

wow. Very emotional. =) I am glad you posted this piece. Can't wait for the next!!

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-The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

Draffin Bears said...

Made me laugh when you said you weren't exactly singing in a musical!

Oooook-lahoma when the wind comes sweepin down the plain!.....

Enjoy the rest of the week

ivy said...

That must have been a very hard situation. Love the conversation.

ellie said...

Oh, goodness. Well, Mom had to know. Funny conversation.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a scary call to make!

beckyxoxo said...

Great conversation !

mazzy said...

So fun...hope she'll be OK.

holly O said...

oh..what a call to Mom.