Monday, August 9, 2010

getting situated

The room wasn't bad. It wasn't a suite at some four star hotel, either. Just a motel. Two beds. See, even a better sleepover than at his place. No cat hair, for starters.

I was selfish and got in the shower first. I could have stayed in there for hours. It was so nice. I wasn't thinking about Mom with Jay or if Will had really hit it off with- My eyes sprang open. Work. I'd completely forgot about work. Quickly I got a towel around me. I needed to call Betty. Now.

"Hold, on, what are you doing?" I thought Ren's eyes might fall out of his head when he saw me there with a towel wrapped around me.

"What?" It wasn't that shocking, was it?

"Clothes?" He winced.

"I didn't bring any." I shrugged. I had a towel on, for Gods sakes.

He was in a huff. He picked up my top, looked at a label. "I'll be right back."

"OK." I could be left alone.  I got comfy on the bed with my phone and my towel and called work.

"I'm sorry." I blurted. "Really, something-something came up." I didn't know what else to say. But it wasn't long until I learned that Will had saved the day. He was there, helping out.

"Do you want to speak to him, child?" Betty asked.

"NO." I hung up before she could get him. I stared at my phone then. I hadn't told Betty anything. Actually. I was going to. Really. But Will. Will was helping out. How about that?

A smile came to my face. Will to the rescue. See, I'd done him a favor. Hadn't I? He was with Angie. Perfect. I sighed then with a frown. Who did I think I was? The matchmaker angel or something. Hadn't I done the same thing to Mom and Jay. Wasn't I the one who introduced Jay to Mom. Or Mom to Jay. It was all a bit fuzzy now. Really. I winced as if it would turn into a headache if I thought of them long enough. It was as if the world was turning around and around and look where I'd landed. I kept thinking it on it for some time.

The motel door opened. It was Ren with a bag of things. He tossed a T-shirt to me along with a bag of bikini underwear. Hanes of course. He had sunscreen too.

"For tomorrow." He nodded.

"Yeah, tomorrow." I kind of smiled. We were still going to the amusement park.

He went to shower then. I stared at the closed door. God, I hope I didn't get him in trouble. I had to think up something good to tell my Mom.


izzy and dev said...

interesting about will.

so jade said...

He's so sweet.

Draffin Bears said...

Ren seems to be the caring and thoughtful Guy.
A day at the beach or amusement park sounds better than a day at work.

Happy week

lucy and sarah said...

He's a sweetie.

meg said...

Wow, to find that out about her cousin. I guess I'd be nervous to talk to him too.

Anonymous said...

He seems sweet :)