Sunday, August 1, 2010

on the road

Seriously, he was the last person I expected to go anywhere with. But there he was. I guess he knew what he was doing.

"I didn't even know you had a car." I wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do. Go to the water park with Ren. We didn't even have bathing suits.

"Of course, I have a car." He told me. "Graduation present."

I just nodded. Not sure if he were talking about high school or college.. I didn't ask. Maybe he had graduated college, I thought as I looked at him. Maybe. Was that possible? Then I started to think maybe something tragic had actually happened. Something he wasn't telling me. Something he'd never tell me, perhaps. It wasn't like he really wanted to know anything about me, either. Like how I felt at the moment about Jess. How I felt he'd never really be there for me. Suddenly, it felt like no one was there for me. Including my mother.

Which one of us was more selfish? Was it her? Or was it me? Maybe I just couldn't think clearly at the moment? Well, it was her fault. Wasn't it? I believed as much.

"What are you thinking?" Ren looked at me as he pulled out on the freeway.

I had been gazing out the window. A hot moist breeze hit my face. It was morning and already the start to an ugly day. Finally, I turned to him. "That you drive too slow." Couldn't he see I was trying to escape here?

"I just want to be careful." He was a bit shy as usual as he watched the road. "Just I, don't drive people around much, you know." He caught up with the speed limit then. "You don't really want to go to the water park, do you?"

"Not really." I sighed. Honestly, I couldn't think of anything I liked or even really wanted. This was just a shock. All of it. Work wasn't on my mind. Not even thoughts of Will and Angie hitting it off. And Sasha, she had to be the worst friend in the world. Sure she kept saying I was bad when a guy came into my life. But this was so much worse. Her and her new romantic Frenchman. She didn't care about me. Why should I care about her, now? As if she'd help me in this difficult time. No, all I had was Ren. And even if he was quite the novice, in so many respects, he was here. He would have to do in my crisis.

He licked his dry lips in some sort of anticipation.

"Chapstick?" I offered mine in my bag that I had some how not forgotten. He hesitated for a bit, but took it and almost lost control of the car. Remember, do not offer chapstick when someone is driving. Luckily, I grabbed the wheel. I couldn't help but smile. There was just something so innocent about Ren. I can't help it. He's just kind of funny and strange. I guess. Naturally, I can say I know no one like Ren. Its like experiencing everything brand new when you are around him. A tad clumsy. Ever so quirky and definitely unaware where any of this might go. At least he was driving. And if it hadn't been for me, he might not of known he was a driver, after all.


ivy said...

aw, chapstick. hmmmm...perhaps the beginning of something.

ellie said...

I am finding him very interesting.

Holly said...

I liked that last line.

Draffin Bears said...

I like Ren ...seems the caring sort.

Happy week

Anonymous said...

I like the end :)

lucy and sarah said...

He makes me smile.

meg said...

Wow, what can I say..I like it so much.

Spence. said...

This is lovely, you have a real talent for writing!