Thursday, July 29, 2010

anywhere will do

As if the morning would make a difference.  Of course not.

I can't say what exactly set me off. OK, I can. I will. If you have to know. If you must know.


I walked in on Jay. The stupid door was all the way open. OH MY GAWD. You know what I saw? Don't you?

All right. I didn't stay there long enough gawking or anything. I just got out of there. Completely out of there. It had to be 7 or so. And I called Jess right away. Nothing. Naturally. I texted. Absolutely nothing. Well, I had to find someone. Any other day I would have called, Will but he was at PT or something military. I had no one else to turn too. I banged on Ren's door.

"What did I do?" He rubbed sleep from his eyes. "I thought you were inside. Where did you go?"

"Where do you think?" I frowned hugging myself. There I was in the middle of his livingroom with all six cats bare-footed. I had cat hair already between my toes. I scowled slightly.

"I have to get out of here." I finally looked at him.


"I need to think." It was such a shock. Seeing that Jay had stayed over. Evidently. I gritted then. "I'm going."

"Without shoes?" He scrunched a frown.

"I guess." It didn't matter. I wanted to just go.

I opened the door and stomped all the way down to the ground floor as if I knew where I was going. But I didn't. Exactly.

"Wait!" He called after me, actually ran. I guess. All the way down the stairs with some old high tops."You might need these." He stood there in the entrance. I was just in my lavender tank and stretchy capris.

"Thanks." I put them on. They were a little big, but not by much.

"They don't exactly go with your outfit." He reminded me.

"Yeah, like I'm out to make a fashion statement." I turned from him and went on my way out the glass doors.

"Hold on!" Ren followed, but instantly stopped when the sunshine met his face. It was as if he might melt or have a heart attack. "Don't go. Please!"

"I have too." I crossed my arms as if this was necessary. I just couldn't see my mother right now. It was too sudden. It was a shock. I couldn't believe she'd do this. Just-just let Jay stay like that.

"Then-then-" I could see by Ren's tense face that he might regret this. "I'll drive you where ever you want to go."

"You will?"

He nodded.

"What about the cats? Did you lock up?" I knew he wouldn't dare leave the place unlocked. I wasn't so sure about the cats.

He just nodded and motioned for me to come with him. He made a dash for the apartment dwellers' parking.

And there it was an old Volvo. Hunter green, just to match that orange hair of Ren's.

"Does it run?" I'd never seen him drive a car. I thought he only stayed inside. He did all his classes online and usually ordered pizza when he was really hungry. Usually, we got milk and cereal for him.

"Of course." He gave me a wince.

We got in then as if this was it.

"Where do you want to go?" He looked at me.

"The ocean." I suddenly felt sad. I couldn't remember the last time I had been. Mom said we'd always go back to the coast but we never did.

"Do you know how far that is from here?" Ren frowned.

I shook my head, no.

"At least a day. I'd say. Considering traffic and all, days." His golden lashes fluttered. "Will the water park do?"

"I guess." I shrugged.

He started up the car then. It sounded perfect. How was that possible? Did he only go out in the dark until now? I wouldn't ask. Too much about my Mom and Jay were on my mind. I needed this, to be happy, again. Maybe I'd be happy for them too. But not right now.



for sure...

great story!!!

Thanks for your love :)))

lucy and sarah said...

oh, I can't believe it. Made me smile.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh no, imagine walking in on that.
Your story writing is great.

Have a happy weekend

beckyxoxo said...

Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Great writing!

emily said...

great writing, the part about walking in on jay made me laugh haha.

meg said...

Yeah, that was funny. And now with Ren. Wow, this is gonna be a roadtrip.