Saturday, August 7, 2010

a bitter middle

Its not like I hated Mom, exactly. Really, that wasn't true.

It was just, I didn't know how I would react. It all felt so fake. I just couldn't face her right now.

"You still want to continue on?" Ren wanted to know once we got back in the car. He'd filled up the tank once more. I was so full.

"I shouldn't." I would feel guilty if we went all the way to the beach. It was still a long way. Perhaps we were half way there.

"Then what?" He looked toward the amusement park, not so far away on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. "You want to go there?"

"But aren't you tired?" I doubt Ren would enjoy it. He probably hated roller-coasters, anyway.

"Kind of." He sighed.

"Could we get a room, you know. Start fresh tomorrow. Then we'll go back. OK?" That should give me enough time to get used to the fact that my Mom was with Jay now and I had to be happy about that. I could only hope he wouldn't break her heart.

Ren just nodded as if he could do that, at least for the night.


ellie said...

Amusement parks are fun.

meg said...

Hope she gets it figured out with her mom.

ivy said...

I feel for her.

cass and cady said...

I really do love Ren.

mazzy said...

I'm likn' this so much.