Sunday, July 4, 2010

sort of like a promise

"What is it my Mom is exactly helping you with?" I wanted to know.

Jay was back for more pie. His usual time. I had blueberry waiting for him, and he wolfed it down as if he'd starved himself all day for this moment.

"Engagement chicken." He finally said.

"Engagement what?" I winced, watching him behind the counter.

"I hear it works, if you make it for someone special." He bit his bottom lip to keep from smiling.

"And you're going to make it for someone special?" Who did things like this? Was he desperate?

"Maybe." He nodded.

"So you really don't like my mom, right?" This wasn't about what I thought it would be about, after all. It was ridiculous, but at least there was nothing going on with him and my Mom.

"Well, she's really cool." He nodded.

I nodded too. We could agree on that. Although, she'd been working far too much at the dentist office lately. Her weekends were filled with getting her degree on being a dental hygienist which I thought would be the grossest job in the world. Since Dad had left, she had been doing her best to not worry anyone about her financial situation.

"So who's the lucky lady?" I smiled then.

He pressed his lips tight. He was keeping it a secret.

"Just don't want to jinx it, OK?" He finally looked at me. I took his plate. He was the last to clean up for. It was time to go home.


Em [the writer] said...

I wonder who it is.

Draffin Bears said...

Yes who is, the secret lucky Lady?

Enjoy your week

knk said...

ori how are u

how was your Sunday going on

hey in this story who is lucky lady mom or thats girl

ivy said...

how mysterious!

Holly said...

what is he up to?