Friday, July 23, 2010

out and about

I so hated this. She was leaving me on my own. Before I knew it, I was in the stairwell making a call. I think she thought I would have been out all night when I was at the zoo. What would she be thinking if I hadn't came home at all? Evidently, not much. Jay was on her brain. Not me.

I got Sasha who gave me the third degree about running off with Jess. I didn't see that coming. Seriously. I mean, she was with Ruben who was like amazingly tall and definitely smitten with her.

"FINE! TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS, YOU KNOW!" She hung up on me.

"What?" She had to be crazy. I didn't do anything. Really. I saw my boyfriend ,who I never see, and she has to go viral on me, or something. I took a deep breath.

Just then Ren's door opened from across the hall.

"What are you doing, fussing with yourself, like that?" He asked. I hadn't seen him in ages. I almost forgot what he looked like. He usually kept to himself. The perfect specimen for Angie. Again, I was finding her a gold mind out here, and she refused to know no one. Practically.

"Its nothing." I shrugged not trying to keep him.

"Your mother made chicken, didn't she?" His big, intense eyes looked as if he'd figured out the situation without another clue.

I nodded, getting up to get a good look at neighbor boy, who really wasn't a boy. He was in his twenties, supposedly a college student, who usually disappeared in his apartment. His orange hair was the usual shock. It was a deep red, I thought now.. And such beautiful green eyes and rare lashes. Honestly, it was like finding someone from a fantasy. But he was real. In his They're coming to get you Barbara T-shirt and jeans that practically hung on his lanky waist. He's lost weight, I thought..

"You been ill?" I wondered.

"Of course, not." He squinted. "You coming in or what?"

I guess I could. Didn't want to walk the streets for hours. He had a video game going. Of course. He hadn't a clean dish. Just stacks of dishes and cats. Lots of cats. Everywhere. Just black cats.

He poured me a bowl of Honey Nut Cherrios right away. Then went back to his game. A fantasy game as I expected. It was the Legend of Zelda.

"So whats up with the chicken?" He wondered once he finished up.

"I have no idea." I shrugged, finishing up my bowl of cereal. I just wasn't quite sure where to put it. It was a catastrophe at his place. I started in on the dishes then.

"She's enticing someone." He glared at me. His pink lips just didn't seem natural. A little bit of me wanted to touch them, but I had the soap, and it was best I left it a mystery. After all, I had the leaning tower of dishes to attack.

"I suppose." I went to work.

"What are you doing?" He shoved his fingers in his front pockets and just watched.

"You know what I'm doing." I went back to scrubbing the dishes in hot soapy water. He started to dry and put them away.

"We could watch a movie." He said after that was done, sometime later. I looked at the time. Still not late enough to go home.


I wonder what he had in mind.


ivy said...

Ren does sound very interesting.

ellie said...

Ren? Oh boy.

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Laura Tenshi said...

On behalf of my cat, Tenshi, thank you.
Interesting character. I love the way he lives :)) Messy and carefree.

Draffin Bears said...

Great reading.

Happy weekend

ori said...

thanks so much Draffin Bears!

Laura Tenshi said...

Thank you :) Hope you had a great weekend.

this free bird said...

writers for days! where are you all coming from? love it!! keep it up!!


Meg said...

I wonder what they'll watch.