Wednesday, June 30, 2010

in a slump

"You know what you should do." Naturally, my cousin Will was full of answers. At least for me, not himself. That was the way it worked. Always Mr. Helpful.

"What?" I was getting ready for work while he was raiding the fridge. He'd eat anything. Of course, you'd never know it. He was so fit. A runner at that. He practically lived here. I was beginning to think he might have a thing for my Mom too. He certainly liked to be around her, enough. But whatever.

"Just forget about him." He gave me almost an impish smile. I hadn't even been talking about Jess.

"I'm not talking about this with you." I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously, just don't think about him." He was digging to find a piece of fruit.

"Yeah, and why don't we go to the zoo and watch the polar bears?" I looked at him as I watched him find last nights leftovers of Mom's Mac n Cheese.I knew Will, he was still wondering when Angie was going to let him actually meet her at work. She was quite a recluse. I really couldn't see them hitting it off, but he seemed to have this dream to fulfill and I couldn't crush it, evidently.

"Maybe we should, you have tomorrow afternoon off, right?" He looked at me.

"You'd really be seen with this?" I made a face.

"Haha..very funny." He remarked. "We could feed the ducks."

"The fish." I hugged myself.

"We need to do something. I'm in this slump." He sighed. So was I.


beckyxoxo said...

Good story :)

ivy said...

Its good to be friends with cousins.

izzy and dev said...

The zoo sounds fun.

simon and josh said...

I like their conversation.

Ruth said...

Good writing!
Thanks for the comment, glad you like 'my way of thinking' :)

Em [the writer] said...

I like this story. It's a good summer read.