Monday, June 28, 2010

wish I knew

Apparently, they just decided to talk. Or so I told Sasha when I called her about the discovery.

"You think he likes her?" Sasha was curious too. It was like nothing was good on TV so we had to invent our own drama, I suppose. It was not going great with Tye she'd met at Adventureland.

"Um, maybe," I said about the Mom and Jay thing. "Its just, you know." I slightly fretted as I laid there in bed on my pink sheets.

"Know what?" Sasha asked as if it had to be something specific.

"I know both of them." I told her.

"Are you sure?" Her voice was playful.

Well, I thought I did. Maybe I didn't. Maybe that's what bothered me the most. I didn't know my mom, anymore. And..and possibly, what if I had had feelings for Jay. Which I didn't, but I could. Did that bother her at all? Would it? I shuddered to think. Then I cringed.

What if they were kissing right now?

I crept a bit by the kitchen, just to see them both sitting there at the table, not sticking each others tongues down their throats, but looking over something Mom found in a magazine. An Italian recipe.

"What's wrong?" She looked up, to see me then with my hand stuck to my ear with my cell.

"Nothing." Why did I even think there was something wrong. About that time, a text came from Jess.

"Gotta go." I told Sasha then and went to my room to read the text.

hw ws ur day? xoxo

That was all he texted. Kind of a let down. He texted me, maybe once a day. It wasn't much. But I had to be happy that he knew I still existed.

I just sent him a smiley face back and a bunch of xo's.

It was such an avalanche of a let down. But it was always this way. So happy to hear from him, yet so sad this was it. My very petty love life. If you could even call it that.


ellie said...

interesting about mom & Jay.

he and him said...

aw, so sad about Jess. Interesting about her Mom and Jay, too.

nick and heath said...

I wonder what that recipe is about.

Draffin Bears said...

Wishing you a great week and thanks for visiting me.
The hand stuck to your ear with your cell, sounds like my two kids.


lucy and sarah said...

What could those 2 be doing?