Friday, September 17, 2010

the ups and down

OK. I've decided I'm going to conquer this. I'm going to be happy. At school.

You know, you can't just choose your friends. There they are. Well, at least one. OK, I'm not a friend magnet. Evidently. Its been hard for me. I haven't always gone to this school. I'm still an outsider. I guess.

But I need more than Sasha. I just do. Because..because .. because..because..she has..I will not speak his name. No. Can't. Don't want too. They have lunch everyday now. EVERYDAY. OMG..I dunno what to do about this. Its awkward to talk to Ren about Jess. Its so childish. Right?

So. So I looked around to see if there was anybody, for me. And I kind of snatched this kid I was in line with at lunch. Chip. He's kind of smart. Yeah, he is. He does math in his head, all day, I think. Just a really genius. But, he's got nobody, either. And well, I -I may have stepped to a whole new LOW in my life. Hanging out with the nerd herd. I guess.

Honestly, I did not know it when Chip and I were first talking. He was talking about recycling and gardening, and I slightly remembered him from last year. Only he was shorter then. He's still kind of short. Next thing I know, we're doing lunch.

God, I hope he doesn't think I like him, like you know. I cringe to think about it. But I've got Chip now. He's all mine. At the moment.... just wish he was a box full of chocolate chip cookies, because I could really go for that. Its been forever since I've had chocolate chip cookies.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes it's the least likely of people who become your greatest friends!! :)

Jude said...

I so agree with post above! That photo looks sweet :) (Um, and you just made me crave cc cookies something awful!)

lucy and sarah said...

I can't think of anyone more adorable.

molly said...

Aw, this should be nice.

ellie said...

Chip..does he smell like chocolate too..hehehe.

meg said...

This is sweet. Hope he'll be a favorite.

Draffin Bears said...

Sweet friendship and sometimes it is guys like this that are trustworthy and caring.

Happy weekend

gleenn said...

haha! That's an interesting story. I can relate to you since I was kind of Nomad then, moving from school to school since primary to high school. Being new to a school is always hard. Wish you the best in this school year. :)

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