Thursday, July 8, 2010


Better me, being the odd one out than Will. I just wanted him to see Angie. That's all.

"Its not a date." I kept reminding him.

"I know." He had bought our way into the zoo. There was Sasha with Ruben, I guess. He was tall and foreign. I hadn't a clue what he said to me. I gave him a smile, thinking wasn't this just lovely. Well, I could kind of act like I was with Will then. Because, I bet Angie would not show up. No way would she dare let us pick her up at the bookstore or her place. Her apartment was off limits. No one was suppose to know where she lived.

Of course, there were acres of families to see the Madagascar exhibit. The humidity made me melt. I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. We waited by the IMAX since thats where we planned to meet. I hope she showed up. I hoped.

Just then I saw someone that couldn't be Angie. She had an old baseball cap on and shades. She looked as if she were incognito.

"Angie?" I waved. Finally she walked over. This was just going to be awful. I was sure of it, but I introduced her to everyone.

Will flashed a smile. I so wanted him to say something exciting, but he didn't. Maybe he didn't like her. He probably didn't.  This was so not a date. This was possibly the worst day ever. Sasha had French to practice with her new boyfriend, and Angie seemed to be giving Will a stare down. I so wanted to find a seat somewhere, and then someone came up from behind and put his arms around me. Instantly, I knew who it was. I smiled. Jess was here.


meg said...

looks like all may have fun.

so jade said...

I wonder how it will go for Will???

ellie said...

French to practice..made me laugh.