Thursday, September 30, 2010

when others might not try

"Maybe he's asexual." Sasha reminded me about Chip while we were out looking for our Homecoming outfits which were going to be on the cheap since I'd spent a lot more money than I'd made lately. Aside from the fact that old geezer who used to always give me two bucks every day when he came in for lunch at the book store was no longer around. I was starting to think something had happened to him.

Anyway, we were looking at wedding gowns which I know is more prom than homecoming. I mean, I was going to wear a shorter dress, and my army boots. It was like a promise to Ren. But I was at Good Will for Sasha mostly.

"I highly doubt that." I smirked with a wince.

"What if he doesn't even like girls." Sasha's smile twitched a little.

"So are you still with that Dwayne guy?" I think I had his name right.

"I am not talking about him." It was like I'd switched on Sasha's bitter side.

"What happened?" I followed behind her. She pulled a satiny pink number toward me. I shook my head, no.

"It doesn't matter." She was being her snooty self about it. As if I couldn't possibly understand.

"OK." What else could I do? "You OK?"

"Of course." She was like an old timer at this guy stuff. I winced, thinking she was too young to be so old. I wanted to fall in love. A lot. Forget that relationship stuff. You know, where you dream these fairytale dreams which could have unicorns in them, if you wanted. That wasn't relationship stuff.

About that time, I looked around and saw Ashley and Jess. Together. I so wanted to hide, but then he'd actually know I was there. Probably. This way, I could see his eyes were only for Ashley. It was supposed to be that way.

I looked at Sasha and smiled. Glad we weren't the only ones thinking cheap. Unfortunately, while I was ignoring them, guess who came and bugged me? Ashley.

"Excuse." She tapped my shoulder. "Weren't you the head of props last year?" She glared at me as if I were under her command. Still.

"I really didn't want the job." I had to admit. I didn't look at Jess. It was as if we were strangers now.

"Well, is this a good place to find clothes for the Victorian age?" They were doing Alice and Wonderland.

"I have no idea." And I didn't want to know. I would not help. For various reasons, of course.


ivy said...

Just who they needed to see..NOT.

ellie said...

As if thats all one needed at a time like this.

Syed said...

I've never really understood Homecoming, although I have seen it in plenty of films and tv shows. But it does sound like it could be rather fun. Especially dressed as Alice In Wonderland!

Jude said...

Although homecoming was never a big thing at my high school (that's what you get from being from a small rock in the middle of the Pacific), this sounds as dramatic/traumatic as they all say. Hope things get better.

cass and cady said...

oh the drama of high school.

Becky Regina said...

What a bad luck

molly said...

Its never easy finding the right outfit.